MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas
MIDAS mural canvas

The MIDAS canvas wall art captures the breathtaking beauty of an African woman, adorned with gold jewelry, against a deep black background. This work of art exudes elegance and strength and brings a touch of luxury and cultural depth to any interior design.

Size chart

Product Information

  • Material: High quality canvas ensuring the finest details and vibrant colors.
  • Theme: Personal portrait of an African woman highlighted by the contrast of gold and black.
  • Production method: Modern computer inkjet printing for precise and lasting image quality.
  • Frame: Frameless design for a modern and versatile fit to your space.
  • Style: A perfect combination of luxury and culture, ideal for modern living and working areas.
diagonal Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (inches)
14" 20x30 7.87" x 11.81"
18" 20x40 7.87" x 15.75"
20" 30x40 11.81" x 15.75"
21" 30x45 11.81" x 17.72"
26" 30x60 11.81" x 23.62"
25" 40x50 15.75" x 19.69"
28" 40x60 15.75" x 23.62"
35" 40x80 15.75" x 31.50"
40" 45x90 17.72" x 35.43"
34" 50x70 19.69" x 27.56"
44" 50x100 19.69" x 39.37"
39" 60x80 23.62" x 31.50"
43" 60x90 23.62" x 35.43"
53" 60x120 23.62" x 47.24"
48" 70x100 27.56" x 39.37"
62" 70x140 27.56" x 55.12"

This impressive portrait is ideal as a focal point of any room, be it the living room, office or entrance hall, attracting admiring glances.

Scope of delivery: 1x MIDAS wall picture on canvas, frameless. Add a special touch to your interior with this unique portrait.

Add an expression of luxury and cultural beauty to your home or office with the MIDAS canvas wall art . Order now and be inspired by this stunning art.

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